Friday, March 14, 2014

Sculpting Stylized Maquette Workshop

Hi Everyone,

I am offering to teach a Stylized Maquette Workshop class here in my own studio. The class is open to all levels.
I am asking to submit a portfolio. Just a few images of your work, so that I will be able to put together groups with an even level of experience for each class. Each group will consist of max 5 people. This allows me to give great attention and the appropriate space to each individual student. 
In this class I will show the student my personal approach, which will be the same I used in all the years during my work as a sculptor for the Entertainment Industry. We will go over some of the maquettes I created for my work, as well some of my personal sculptures. While the approach is the same, the goal is a different one.
The class will take place on two weekends (10am-4pm) with the date to be determined, based on the student availability. 
I am also offering the same class divided into 8/3 hour evening classes. If there is further interest, I will also offer the continuation of the class into Mold Making with the piece you have created.

This is a simple outline of the class schedule:

-Design choice - we could all use the same design or each of the student could come with their personal one.
-Go over the drawing created or chosen and make a plan.
-Traditional sculpting tools.
-Building your base and armature.
-Translation of a 2d drawing in to a 3d sculpture.
-Importance and understand of basic anatomy, to be translate in the graphic piece.
-Start blocking the clay sculpt.
-Importance of working in planes.
-Paying attention to proportions and measurement.
-Refining clay sculpt.
-Finishing clay sculpt.
-Smoothing and clean up techniques.



Max 5 students per class.

If interested please contact me by email at:

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